Want to Know how to Detox Baths? Discover the Benefits of Using Essential Oils for Your Bath – and 2 More Free Herbal Remedy Books

  1. *Natural Remedies For Menopause: A Complete List Of Herbs and Vitamins For Natural Menopause Relief by Betsy Sanders. Price: Free. Genre: Herbal Remedies, Maternity, Perinatal & Women’s Health, General, Women’s Health, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Women’s Health. Rated: 4.9 stars on 8 Reviews. 26 pages. ASIN: B00PF8EOTK.
  2. *How to Dry Herbs: A Quick Guide on Easily Drying Herbs for Everyday Kitchen Spices and Seasoning (Drying herbs, Homesteader Book 1) by Carmel Maher. Price: Free. Genre: Herbs, Spices & Condiments, Herbs, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Crafts, Hobbies & Home. Rated: 4.4 stars on 19 Reviews. 535 pages. ASIN: B010KHLAK6.
  3. Detox Bath: Discover the Benefits of Adding Essential OIls, Herbs, And Spices To Your Bath To Cleanse Your Body and Mind While Enhancing Your Health. by Debra Roberts. Price: Free. Genre: Herbs, Healthy Living, Nonfiction, Detoxes & Cleanses, Homeopathy, Naturopathy. Rated: 4.8 stars on 5 Reviews. 113 pages. ASIN: B016FL9U0I.

Nootropics and Crockpot Recipes: 2 Free Herbal Remedy Kindle Books for Tuesday

  1. *Phenibut: Boost your confidence and reduce your stress (phenibut, nootropics, social anxiety, smart drugs, shyness, stress, anxiety Book 2) by Phenibut Nootropics. Price: Free. Genre: Vitamins, Vitamins & Supplements, Herbal Remedies, Health, Fitness & Dieting. Rated: 4.5 stars on 11 Reviews. 20 pages. ASIN: B00TJ4Z93Q.
  2. Crockpot Recipes: 72 All Time Favorite Crockpot Recipes for You and Family (Crockpot Recipes, Slow Cooker Recipes) by Daphne Lance. Price: Free. Genre: Kosher, Judaism, Herbs, Spices & Condiments, Slow Cookers, Paleo. Rated: 4.1 stars on 8 Reviews. 120 pages. ASIN: B00Y5W6TOA.